OrangeTee Auto Website

System Design

OrangeTee’s Auto-Website was built for agents to easily deploy project websites without the need of a web developer.

Agents have a wide selection of templates available for them to choose from. Each template also consists of different colour themes, hence each deployed website will have their own look and feel.

Data and photos for each website is from a centralised database. Optionally, they have the ability to fully configure type of data and photos on their webiste.

Main key features of this application:
  • Admins can manage the default development project’s data.
  • Platform users can input custom analytics code.
  • Platform users can override the default development project’s data.
  • Domain purchase through API.
  • DNS configuration through API.
  • SSL registration through API.
  • Automatic SSL installation process.
  • Stripe payment integration.
  • Template, and theme selection.